About Us

Outside is a fantastic garden area which the practitioners and children use as an extension of the inside areas. The garden is sectioned into many different and exciting areas for the children with a sensory garden, secret tunnel, water play, wheeled play area, mark making area, baby section, digging areas, music areas, child planting areas, lots of sensory plants, under cover area and a fantastic wooden climbing frame with wobbly bridge and slide.

“If you’d like to know more about Little Monkeys nursery you can download our prospectus here


At Little Monkeys we encourage a healthy lifestyle through our high quality freshly prepared food, our day to day routines (Inc: teeth cleaning time with Mr. Croc), and all our activities provided for the children. The nursery menus are carefully planned to be both balanced and nutritious. We include the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per child each day, most of the lunch time meals have been taken from the National Day Nursery Association cook book and the Caroline Walker trust book. In December 2010 we took part in a government survey called ‘Little Nippers Nutritional survey’ Our results came back fantastic and we took the small amount of advice from the child dietician to create the perfectly balanced menus we provide.


Excellent nutritious homemade food and fruit snacks are served at meal times by our own cooks. Little Monkeys also hold a 5 star hygiene rating from the local authority. See our latest inspection here.

Allergen Advice Some of our meals may contain the following allergen ingredients, please ask a member of management for detailed information:

  • Cereals containing gluten
  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Soybeans
  • Milk
  • Celery

To give you idea of the sort of food we serve, below are example menus for a three week period:

    Week One    
Day Snack AM Lunch Pudding Snack PM Tea Pudding
Monday Croissant and strawberries Mixed bean and spinach hotpot Strawberry whip Fruit bread and pineapple Red lentil soup Fresh fruit kebabs
Tuesday Muffin and melon Chicken Korma served on a bed of rice Pears in juice Breadstick and banana Cauliflower cheese Semolina
Wednesday Gingerbread man and apple Salmon, vegetable and potato pie Fromage frais Potato cake and orange Vegetable rissoto Flapjack
Thursday Soreen and blueberry Tuna Broccoli and pasta bake Bananas in custard Brioche and pear Cheese savoury bread and butter pudding Pineapple slices
Friday Crumpet and peach Sweet and sour Pork with rice noodles Fruit yoghurt Shortbread and grapes Courgette and sweetcorn pasta bake Jelly
    Week Two    
Day Snack AM Lunch Pudding Snack PM Tea Pudding
Monday Choc chip cookie and strawberries Butternut squash bake Fruit yoghurt Muffin and peach Boiled egg and savoury rice Fruit surprise
Tuesday Bagel and orange Fish pie with a vegetable layer Fromage frais Gingerbread man and banana Corned beef hash and beans Jelly
Wednesday Cheese twist and pear Lasagne and garlic bread Strawberry whip Crumpet and melon Vegetable tart and wedges Flapjack
Thursday Breadstick and kiwi Beef noodle casserole Stewed apples Pain au chocolat and apple Beans on toast Pineapple slices
Friday Potato cake and raisins Chicken, mushroom and potato pie Pears Scone and grapes Crushed roast veg with cheesy crumb top Peaches